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About Us

Ammo Can Industries

Welcome to Ammo Can Industries, a company with a vision to promote patriotism with our unparalleled military merchandise and accessories line. We strive to introduce more products every month. Our broad spectrum of apparel and unique designs makes us stand out among our competitors. We never compromise on the quality and always ensure that our customers are getting the best from us.

Our Philosophy.

Ammo Can Industries is a veteran-owned and operated company.  Ammo cans are among the most common equipment you will find in a military organization.  Ammunition containers started as small leather pouches carried by revolutionary war soldiers to store and transport their ammunition.

These small pouches would change over time and eventually evolve into the Ammo Cans our US military uses today. Ammunition and the soldiers that carry it are why we have enjoyed freedom in the United States of America since 1776.  Without it, we would not have won our freedom from the British.  This is how Ammo Can Industries was established.  When we think about all the wars and conflicts our Soldiers, sailors, Airmen, and Marines have been engaged in throughout history, none of them would have fought without the assistance of Ammo cans that carry all the necessary ammunition required to win battles.  The hard truth to American freedom is that freedom is not free; it has to be paid for by men and women willing to pick up an Ammo Can and a weapon and march into harm’s way.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to support those who have and continue to serve honorably as military members, police, fire department, or other public services.

We want people to wear patriotism with pride.

Why Choose Us?

  • We introduce a line of new products on a monthly basis.
  • We never compromise over quality and design.
  • Our customer service is online 24/7.